Recycled Pallet Deck
Some pictures of The Green Loft exterior and interior below. Enjoy!



A Hive of Sustainability

We continue to use The Green Loft as our office, to host community-oriented "Green Loft Spotlight" events, where we showcase sustainable businesses and people in the Salt Lake area, and also to host Sugar House Art Walks.


Sustainable Materials and Products

In its construction, we employed several sustainable and energy efficiency design practices to make The Green Loft what it is today.

Here are just a few of those: recycled tire flooring, recycled carpet fiber, no VOC paint, solar power, recycled pallets for a desk (coming soon), LED lighting, reclaimed building materials (like in our bathroom and break room sinks), eco friendly toilets, recycled fruniture from the Green Ant, and bamboo flooring.

Click here to learn more about the types of sustainability design products used to construct The Green Loft.



Rubber Flooring
Another Construction Shot
Under Construction
Hanging in the Lobby
Salvage Sink (Bathroom)
Enter Ductless Mini Splits
Ductless mini splits are one of the coolest (or warmest) ways to save energy and increase the value of a property.

Rather than wasting energy by heating or cooling the entire building, such as central air and heating units do, mini splits only heat or cool the zone where you spend your time. This makes much more sense from an energy perspective because, on average, only 20% of  property's space is occupied at any given time.

In addition to installing mini splits, we also chose all-electric units with a 26-seer energy efficiency rating. On top of being energy efficient all by themselves, we're able to supplement their power usage with the solar energy generated by the panels on our roof, making a huge money-saving win for our building.



Salvage Sing (Breakroom)
Green Loft at Dusk

Constructing The Green Loft

The Bike Rack

Our Flagship Sustainable Building

The Green Loft Building is the home of the Green Loft Co-Op organization and also our flagship building model for sustainable building design. In its construction, we have incorporated many of the products and practices that we recommend to those who contact us for help.


Take That, Zoning!

The Green Loft is a restored building. It used to be a home in an area that was rezoned as a commercial zone. Rather than tearing it down and building anew, with all of the related waste, we chose to repurpose it as a commercial office, meeting place, and art gallery.






Lobby with Bamboo Flooring



Officer Matt Stout - Managing Director of the Green Loft Co-Op,
CEO Consumers Financial Company, PLM, Mortgage Geek

I'm Matt Stout, and my vision for Green Loft is to give homeowners the resources needed to create more sustainable and affordable homes. For 22 years I have helped home buyers with the mortgage process, and one thing they all share is a desire to improve the homes they purchase. Buying a house often drains buyers of savings, making these updates difficult to afford. By making special financing available, I created the Green Lending Program. This program allows for improvements, like solar power and other updates, to be added to the cost of a home. It is now possible to only put 5% down on the home + improvement costs.

At Green Loft, we host a variety of activities that are designed to engage the community while educating them about sustainable businesses and related ideas. The GL Spotlight is an example of this. Each month the GL Spotlights a person, business, or concept that promotes sustainability. Green Loft is my way to help people plug in to these types of options, while at the same time making the air we breath better. I want my kids to have a better place to live, and I believe that we can make this happen by raising awareness of environmental issues.

NMLS# 248427

The Power of Combining Solar and EV
This is one of our biggest soap boxes -- combining solar panels and EV charging in home construction and using them in tandem. We recommend using the solar power to charge the EV station on the property. Imagine it . . . free, renewable driving power.


If we could just get even 10% of real estate transactions to include solar and an EV charging station, we would literally be able to see the improvement in our air!


Our solar panels save The Green Loft $200 in power savings every month, plus an additional $230 in gas every month by running solar energy to the charging station. The combined savings literally paid for the BMWI3!

Co-Op Officers

Green Loft is a co-operative organization whose mission is centered around sustainability and energy efficiency -- everything from electrically powered cars to sustainable home design.

We are a collective of green thinking professionals and community members located in Salt Lake City, UT who have come together to combine our resources, energies, and areas of expertise so that more people (and our planet) can enjoy the benefits of green living.

Although all areas of sustainability interest us, many of our co-op officers have extensive experience in the real estate industry, including realtors, lenders, and members who are networked with sustainable design contractors. This is why much of our organization currently focuses on energy efficient home design.

Click to Read About the Construction of the Green Loft Building >>

You can read more about the Green Loft Co-Op Officers below.

We invite you to take advantage of our knowledge, experience, and resources. It's what we're here for. Simply contact us by clicking here.

The GL-Mobile
The Green Loft (front)

Show Me The Loft!

Chris Allen / Social Media Director

As green designer with COGdesigncollective, Christopher’s approach to sustainable design includes cost-effective solutions for green interior renovations, energy efficiency upgrades including solar panel systems lowering utility bills for our clients. Inspired by the elements of nature, he creates organic sacred spaces utilizing natural materials keeping his clients connected to the natural flow in their personal sanctuary. As office manager for New Place Realty, Christopher combines his over 15 years of experience with residential and commercial interiors with a working knowledge of the current real estate market for the Salt Lake City area, Big Cottonwood Canyon, and the other extraordinary nooks and crannies of our amazing state. His real estate experience includes managing a busy brokerage in the top market of La Jolla, CA.  He is also the social media ambassador for The Green Loft Co-Op and passionately represents its vision to the community.  He labels his obsession for all things Utah as #beehivelove.

Solar Panel Installation
Art from an Art Walk (Lobby)
Community EV Charging Station
To boot, we've also equiped The Green Loft with an electrical charging station that is free to the public, and we use the solar power from the building to offset the energy use. You can easily locate our charging station using an app called PlugShare. Come down and use it!

The GL-Mobile
What would an exciting sustainability co-op be without its own energy efficient wheels?

Our co-op jointly owns a shiny new BMW i3 that we've wrapped with the logos of all our co-op members. Why, you ask? It's a great, gasoline conserving, emission reducing way to promote the people and organizations who make Green Loft possible while increasing awareness about sustainability in general. Honk when you see us!



Unique Rubber Tire Flooring on the Stairs
One of our favorite sustainable features implemented in The Green Loft's remodel is our recycled tire flooring on the stairs.

It might sound a bit weird at first, but you'd have to see this flooring for yourself to get a sense for their surprising attractiveness and soft feel under your feet.

Aesthetics aside, our choice to install recyled tire flooring saved us money and also saved over 200 tires from the landfill. Plus, what's not to love about a floor with a 50,000 mile warranty?




2834 Highland Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah 84106